Photovoltaic System
470.000 Kw/h
Aluminum Trays Production
59.653.752 (Pz)
Worked Meters
269.266.814 (mt)
Production Rolls
12.806.640 (Pz)
Paper Rolls
56.000 (Pz day)
20.733.068 (Packs)
38.285.194 (Packs)
1.106.281 (Moved)
Press Department
Quality Check

Ca.Dis is a leading company in packaging market, specialized in production and distribution of aluminium rolls and aluminum trays, parchment paper and film to protect and prepare food. After going through a big expansion, the company has now two production sites: the historical site established in 1995 in San Marco Argentano (Cosenza, Italy), built on a 30.000 square meters space, is specialized in the production of aluminum trays and many cooking rolls suck as foil, film, parchment and freezing bags; the new site in Siemianowice Slaskie (Poland), built on a 6.000 square meters area, is specialized in the production of aluminum trays for the Eastern European emerging markets.

Ca.Dis is a company provided with advanced facilities and technologies, a high level of know-how, and highly qualified staff. It produces and delivers all over the world and it’s the owner of three renown registered trademarks:

Ottimo Casaidea, the company’s leading brand, intended for mass-market distribution, is on sale at Do and Gdo Italiane:

Alupack, professional brand intended mainly for Ho.Re.Ca:

Bonplan,a new-born brand, intended for a eco-friendly market.

Control and Quality

Costumers’s satisfaction is the goal of company’s policies, therefor the company is always oriented to maximize production’s quality by:

Carefully and meticulously choosing of suppliers;

Checking of all the incoming raw materials, with the aim of guarantee a qualitative product;

Constantly monitoring all productive processes;

Keeping and analyzing a small batch of every production to verify its compliance with standards

The whole process is granted by a team of engineers and technicians from within the company that, in collaboration with University of Calabria’s researching centers, work hard to constantly improve quality managing system, to achieve standards that go far beyond clients’ expectations.

BRC Packaging Certificate BRC Global Standards Cadis owns the BRC (British Retail Consortium) global standard for the safety of agri-food products. The BRC certification guarantees that the products we sell meet the requirements in terms of safety and quality
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Constant improvement of company’s organization is a priority, and the aim is to give importance to the health of costumers and the safety of staff inside the company’s policies. For this reason, Ca.Dis commits to:

Act in compliance with all the laws and rules in place, adopting all the safety measures needed to prevent the health and safety of its employees;

Request all the employees, according to each branch of work, to work taking care of their own safety and of the ones involved;

Promote an increasing involvement into the company’s prevention program by providing all the employees with informations and trainings about health and safety protection at work, in according to each one’s area of responsibility;

Constantly train the employees to take care of the hygiene of our products, and consequently of our clients’ health, to avoid any bacterial contamination of rolls and aluminum trays.


In a world in which sustainability has big importance, with the aim of guarantee to the future generations a greener place to live, the company adopted policies intended to promote a smaller environmental impact.

This is made by:

Using solar panels that allow the company to be energetically self-sufficient, and to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

Carefully choosing raw materials coming from other companies that had adopted as well an ethical and sustainable policy.

Carefully recycling, to regain up to 95% of the potential reuse of waste materials.

Producing internally the packaging for our own products.

Ca.Dis adopted Confindustria’s protocol for eco-sustainability

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Anna Maria Giovane : Chairwoman of the Management board

Francesco Salerno : Manager

Aldo Nereo Salerno : Sales manager

Dt. Nico De Marco : Sales rep and sales network coordinator (

Roberto Remito : Sales rep – cartotecnica (

Elsa Cardarelli : Post-Sales Activities Coordinator (

Franco Pariano : Raw materials Buyer (

Valentino Fiore : Self-consumption materials Buyer (

Francesco Petrassi : Store and Logistics Agent (

Salvatore Sandonato : Billing Agent (

Pasquale Andropoli : Transport and Logistics Technical Director (

Eng. Simona Mannis : Head of Production (

Eng. Gabriella Altavilla : Head of Technical Office (

Eng. Sabrina Gallo : Quality and Control Department (