- 54714.24 KG of CO2

The company managed to save all this amount of CO2 by building a photovoltaic system that ensures a almost complete electrical power autonomy. It is the same amount of CO2 that would have been produced by using traditional methods to ensure electrical power.

Today’s saving is about 21.24 KG of CO2

- 22797.6 LITERS OF OIL

Energetic autonomy that comes from renewable resources allow to use less combustible oil in the centers, and this leads to a even bigger saving in transportation, pollution and waste.

Today’s saving in not-combusted oil is 8.85 Liters


Each tree absorb CO2 while breathing and releases O2. On average one tree can absorb up to 20 kg of CO2 in one year. So saving CO2 means plant new trees and improve everyone’s life.

Today we planted 1 Tree