Fun Facts About CA.DIS

Ca.Dis is concerned about the environment and support the campaign against pollution and CO2 emissions. Thanks to technological machines we are able to reduce the environmental impact of our production on a daily basis.

We built a photovoltaic system that ensure an almost complete autonomy from electrical power, that means every KWh saved by our company is a KWh saved by the community, and this means less CO2 emissions. CO2 is a consequential product of petroleum combustion in the electrical centers. When requesting less KWh to the production system, this will burn less combustible oil. And this allows us to save even more in transport, waste and pollution. Such an excellent collateral effect!

Siamo fieri di poter contribuire ad una qualità di vita migliore, di fare del nostro meglio per permettere a tutti ancora di meravigliarsi d’avanti alla vista di un fiore, di sentire il terreno sotto i propri piedi e ballarci sopra a piedi nudi, di raccogliere un frutto da un albero e mangiarlo.

We are proud to contribute to a better quality life for everyone, and to do our best to make as many as possible smell a flower, feel the earth under their feet and dance on it, catch a piece of fruit from a tree and eat it.
We are proud not to contribute to ruin with our work flora and fauna, locally and globally. We’re instead trying to preserve all kind of beings, to live and share this planet with.


“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our sons.” .
(From Navajo tribe)

Missione Allunaggio

Ogni anno giorno produciamo moltissimi KM dei nostri rotoli, anche quest’anno raggiungeremo la luna prima di Dicembre

“Not” Emitted CO2

Ca.Dis cares about environment! That’s why we created our own solar panels system to guarantee our impact on electrical power consumption stays very low.