A long family epic made up of vision, innovation and the ability to anticipate market changes

That of Cadis is, above all, the history of a family. The company was founded by Cavalier Franco Salerno who, almost half a century ago, dealt with the direct distribution of household products.

After twenty years of business, during which the company spread in the market, in 1994 the brand Ottima Casidea was launched, a leading brand in the segment of the sale of household and kitchen products, in particular packaging for foods. 

The reins of the company passed to Nereo Salerno, Franco's son. It's up to him to lead the transformation of the Group, called to adapt to the changes of the times and to the changing needs of consumers.

Today Cadis is a company equipped with advanced systems and technologies, a high degree of know-how and highly specialized personnel, which produces and distributes all over the world, and is the owner of important brands.

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