Certifications, recognitions and policies: ethics, legality and protection of workers

We enjoy the recognition of the AGCM, the Competition and Market Authority, for ethics, legality and the protection of workers and consumers.

We are also BRC certified, the quality standard for consumer protection and FSC®, which identifies products containing wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly, according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Company policy: information and inclusiveness


We are inspired by principles of absolute transparency towards consumers. The use of guaranteed raw materials, subjected to the most delicate conformity tests, follows a certified production process to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Furthermore, on all our products we apply a clear infographic on how to use them. Furthermore, with a view to inclusiveness, one of the company's strategies is to add information for consumers also in Braille for the blind.

Company policies are oriented towards maximizing product quality. Cadis achieves this result through four fundamental steps:


1. careful and scrupulous selection of suppliers;

2. control of all selected incoming raw materials to guarantee a high quality product;

3. constant monitoring of all production processes;

4. analysis and archiving of a sample for each production lot, in order to verify product conformity.

A process guaranteed by a team of engineers and technicians who, in constant collaboration with the research centers of the University of Calabria, carry out an intense work of control and analysis, with the aim of continuously improving the quality management system and to ensure high standards, which go well beyond consumer expectations.

The research and development activity is also aimed at the constant improvement of quality. A PhD programme is underway with the University of Calabria for the identification of new materials to be used in the production of containers and films. An experimentation that will allow the companies of the group to avoid future problems in the supply of raw materials.

Corporate policy documents

Occupational health and safety management policy

Quality policy

FSC® policy

Sustainability policy

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